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Provider Compare

We have gone well beyond the typical comparison tool. Our multi-category report analyzes a wide range of CMS five star data and Medicare cost report data, allowing each provider to relate their performance to the competition and to industry metrics. Demo

Cost Report Data without a Subscription

LTC- Analytics produces complete copies of the SNF Medicare cost report for every provider in the United States. You can search for reports by name, city, state, zip code or county. For purchase, we do not require membership, and we do provide discounts for different year reports of the same provider.

Survey, Quality, PBJ, and COVID-19

If you have ever wondered how your survey, quality and staffing hours compare to various metrics, we have the analysis for you. LTC-Analytics not only compares your data to statewide averages, our reports usually provide “drill down” for checking your data with similar providers based on your selection of bed size, star rating, and, of course, including city, county or zip code.

Additionally, we offer reports in a variety of formats for comparing staffing, quality and survey outcomes. We enable each provider to drill into the data to discover exactly which F-tags are most common in your region and at what scope and severity.

Looking for the Provider Data Visualization for COVID-19? It's been moved here.